Talleyrand – Gorchakov Program

International Youth Diplomacy League (Russian non-governmental organization that works with the support of the Russian Foreign Ministry) and the Association of Talleyrand (French non-governmental organization, the head is Marquis Charles D’Anjou, a descendant of a famous French family) conducted the Talleyrand-Gorchakov program, under the Russia-France 2010 year. During the week-long training politicians and businessmen from Russia (5 men, 25-50 years) met various decision-making centers in France, and also met some key political and economic persons of France (4-8 October, 2010). Visit of French politicians and businessmen (5 people, 25-50 years) to learn more about Russia through meetings and dialogue with key political and economic persons of Russia was held in the period from September 27 to October 2, 2010.

Within 5 working days program participants were given the opportunity to meet some key figures of political and economic life of France. The organizers developed a special format of these meetings (from business meetings in officials’ offices to casual dinner-parties with them). A specially created atmosphere (only 5 participants from the Russian side, the possibility of free exchange of ideas, dialogue, discussing free topics) allowed to establish not only professional but also friendly relations with the political and economic elite of France, as well as with the higher light of France, whose representative is Marquis D'Anzhu himself. Program participants had the opportunity to present their organization and activities to the official French delegation approved by the Association of Talleyrand on the recommendations of Nicolas Sarkozy’s ruling party.

During the visit of the Russian delegation to France, meetings were held with representatives of:

  • The French Government: Advisor to the Prime Minister of France, Jean de Boishue;
  • The French Government: Director of Communications, Thierry Saussez;
  • French Parliament: Chairman of the National Assembly (lower house), Bernard Accoyer French Parliament: Chairman of the parliamentary faction of the Nicolas Sarkozy’s party ("Union for Popular Movement") in the National Assembly, Jean-Francois Cope;
  • French Parliament: Chairman of the parliamentary faction of the party "New Center" (forms a parliamentary majority together with Nicolas Sarkozy’s party), Francois Sauvadet;
  • Political Parties: Chairman of the Nicolas Sarkozy's party ("the Union for Popular Movement») Xavier Bertrand;
  • Political Parties: Vice-Chairman of the Nicolas Sarkozy's party ("UMP") on foreign policy and affairs of compatriots living abroad;
  • Political Parties: Vice-Chairman of the "National Front" party, member of the European Parliament, Marie Le Pen;
  • Administration of the President of France: there will be meetings with the Counselors of the French President at the Elysee Palace (Presidential Palace), Henri Guaino and Franck Louvrier;
  • Companies: Managements of companies TOTAL (oil), AREVA (nuclear industry), Gaz de France Suez (gas);
  • Market leaders in political and business communication: Images et Strategies, Image 7. Meetings with the presidents of these companies have provided the participants of the Russian delegation with the opportunity to obtain information about the latest developments in the political and business communications. This information is extremely important and exclusive, as the service sector of political and business communications in Russia is virtually absent.
  • High society of France: an indoor reception in the palace of Cercle de l Union Interalliee Antante. This is an opportunity to communicate with well-known families of France, dukes and marquises. Only the chosen ones had access to this club.
  • Meeting with the Ambassador of Russia in France.

Graduates of the program have become members of the French-Russian Political Club "Talleyrand" which aims at the development and improvement of political relations between our two countries. The objective of the club is meeting in a friendly and constructive atmosphere where the young representatives of the French and the Russian political elite who are interested in the development of bilateral relations meet each other.

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