International Youth Diplomacy League

«We are investing to the ones, who will take global decisions in the future»

We are a non-governmental organization, working in the field of international relations and public diplomacy.

We further collaboration between the young leaders and their organizations on the international level by means of international projects, assisting to develop and upgrade efficiency of this cooperation. We further discovering new political, business and civil society leaders and encourage researches on the world policy, economy and world countries’ culture.

We have thoroughly studied the tools of the world’s public diplomacy to make good use of the experience in our activity.

Geographic reach: The Group of Eight, the Group of Twenty, Commonwealth of Independent States, European Union members, European Council members.

The Team of the Youth Diplomacy League is made up of University graduates, having professional education in the sphere of the world policy, world economy, international law and finance management. We are aged 20 – 45. For some of us, the League is a full-time job, while for the others it stands as a supplement either to their businesses, political activities, teaching or scientific researches. We speak 10 languages (Russian, English, French, German, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, Arabic, Turkish and Azerbaijani) and are constantly mastering new ones. We have got certified specialists in the field of world politics, modern diplomacy and regional researches covering Europe, Asian-Pacific region, CIS and the Baltic region, Northern countries, North and South America, and the Middle East. We have been to 63 world countries and this is definitely not the limit. We are working very much, at times up to 20 hours a day.

Our head office is located in St Petersburg, while we have got representatives and partners in a number of Russian regions and world countries, among them Moscow, Siberia, the Far East, Paris, Berlin, Milan, Rome, London, New York, Washington, Vancouver, Toronto, Tokyo, Ankara and Baku.

We are open for new ideas and cooperation on the projects we have in place...

We render consulting services on international cooperation to private persons, business and state institutions. The list of our international projects, we have realized for the recent years:

  1. G20Y Summit: 15 – 18 April, 2010 Toronto (Canada)
  2. G8 Youth Summit: 9 – 14 May, 2010 Vancouver (Canada)
  3. "Strategic visit of Italian leaders of the future to the Russian Federation": 26 April – 4 May 2009 (Moscow, St. Petersburg) jointly with "Ambrosetti"
  4. G8 Youth Summit: March, 2009 Milan (Italy)
  5. Model G20 for MBA students: February, 2009 Paris (France)
  6. Large Winter Ball "Silver Angel" at the "Astoria" Hotel: November, 2008 St. Petersburg
  7. G8 Youth Summit: March, 2008 Tokyo – Yokohama (Japan)
  8. International Culture and Art Festival "Master-class": June, 2008 St. Petersburg
  9. G8 Youth Summit: May, 2007 Berlin (Germany)
  10. Russian - EU Young Leaders Summit: April, 2007 St. Petersburg
  11. G8 Youth Summit March, 2006 St. Petersburg
  12. International UN Model: 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008 St. Petersburg

When implementing projects we are enjoying all-round support of our sponsors, representing different world countries and Transnational Corporations.

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