Ksenia Khoruzhnikova participated in the International Youth Economic Forum

The organizers of the International Youth Economic Forum have invited Ksenia Khoruzhnikova, Chair of the International Youth Diplomacy League, to participate as an expert at roundtable on the results of the G20 Summit.

Ksenia told the participants of the roundtable about the public project G8 Youth Summit, which was held in February 2009, in Paris.

Ksenia Vakrusheva, the member of the Russian delegation «G20 Youth Summit» presented a brief analysis of the youth communiqué in her speech and compared it with the results of the London G20 Summit.

The participants of the International Youth Economic Forum showed interest to participate in the contest for the Russian delegation. The Chair of the League told the colleagues about the two stages of the competition and invited them to participate in it.



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