Third Annual International Forum «United Nations Model 2007»

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Third Annual International Forum «United Nations Model 2007»
October 21-28, 2007, St. Petersburg, Russia
Third Annual International Forum «United Nations Model 2007»
Third Annual International Forum «United Nations Model 2007»
Third Annual International Forum «United Nations Model 2007»
Third Annual International Forum «United Nations Model 2007»

21-28 October Third Annual International Forum "United Nations Model 2007" took place in St. Petersburg. It was organized by the International Youth Diplomacy League and actively supported by the Committee on Foreign Relations of the Government of St. Petersburg, St. Petersburg regional branch of "Business Russia", Russian Association of the United Nations.

UN Model is an international forum that simulates the work of the Committees of the United Nations. For many years, such models have been conducted around the world. Every year young specialists in the field of international relations from more than 20 countries take part in the annual forum, "UN Model". The participants play the role of a delegate from one of the countries in a particular Committee of the UN and work on discussion of certain issues. Guys can represent any country except their own. It promotes the study of politics and interests of other states. This year's meeting has modeled three UN committees, which discussed the following topics:

  • The Security Council, "Granting the independence of unrecognized states in Central and Eastern Europe";
  • The Economic and Social Council "postwar rapprochement: development of effective solutions";
  • The Human Rights Committee, "Safeguarding the rights of children adopted abroad."

Experts in the field of international relations, global economics, international law students and young people interested in world politics from about 20 countries came to participate in the United Nations Model 2007. The average age of participants is between 20 and 30 years.

On Monday, October 21 the official opening ceremony of the summit was held in Plaster Hall of St. Petersburg Government. A. V. Prokhorenko, head of the Foreign Relations Committee of the Government of St. Petersburg, made a welcoming speech for the delegates and guests of the ceremony. He noted the importance of such events like this international forum for the city and wished the young people from different countries, not only success in the negotiations, but also to have time to enjoy the beauty of the cultural capital of Russia.

Representatives of the business elite, distinguished professors and diplomats spoke to the guests at the opening ceremony. They revealed the relevance of the active position of young people, the United Nations role in the modern world, etc.

E. I. Kachaev, Chairman of the St. Petersburg regional branch of the public organization "Business Russia" spoke on "The role of today's youth in the future and cooperation between business and civil society".

A. N. Borisov, Chairman of the UN Association of Russia revealed the importance of the UN and the theme of children's rights in the modern world.

Mr. J. Carney, Acting British Consul General in St. Petersburg told about the role of the UN in the world and the position of Great Britain in the UN.  

Mr. M. Shtadthauz, Head of Culture and Media of the Consulate General of Germany in St. Petersburg talked about the principles of the UN based on personal experience.

For three days, delegates actively discussed the proposed topics, they shaped the agenda, represented the position of their countries, and were looking for compromises. During the negotiations, the secretariat of the Model (with the help of experienced members of the Far East State University) gave participants a sudden news feed, which contained information relating to the subject of discussion in the committee and helping to illuminate a new aspect of this problem.

On Thursday, October 25, in the afternoon the best speakers from each committee read out their resolution, which reflects the views of today's youth on the proposed topics, as well as the result of negotiation and conciliation for all participants of the Model, the organizing committee and the guests. And the President of the Security Council read out the judgment. The Secretary-General congratulated the participants on successful completion of the model, expressed his gratitude for the enthusiasm, high level of training and expressed confidence that this training will benefit everyone, without exception, participants in their further study and possibly their career. On Friday, October 26, in an informal atmosphere of the restaurant, all participants were awarded certificates and souvenirs.

The signed resolution will be sent to the Research Center of the United Nations.

Also, during the conference, delegates were offered a cultural program. Guys looked at the city, visited the Petropavlovskaya Fortress and one of the world's largest museums, the Hermitage.

On Saturday, October 27, especially persistent foreign visitors went to Pushkin city with representatives of the organizing committee. Despite the biting wind and cold guys were satisfied, and took a lot of positive impressions with them.

International Youth Diplomacy League thanks for their support the Committee on Foreign Relations of the Government of St. Petersburg, St. Petersburg regional branch of "Business Russia", Russian Association of the UN, the hotel "Azimuth", International Foundation for Culture "MASTER CLASS", the State Hermitage Museum, as well as our partners British Consulate General, Consulate General of Germany Consulate General of France, the Consulate General of Italy.



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