Summit 2012


7th G8 & G20 Youth Summit organized by the international organization — G8 & G20 Youth Network took place in Washington, USA, 3–9 June 2012. The International Youth Diplomacy League (Russia) is one of 20 founding members of this international organization.

The young leaders between the ages of 18 and 30 from 20 countries of the G8 and G20 arrived in the capital of the United States to discuss the international agenda just like the real leaders. After several months of preparation the delegates from different countries sat at the negotiating table at George Washington University in the United States.

In 2012, Russia at the G8 and G20Youth Summit was represented by 13 delegates from different regions of Russia, recruited by the national contest, organized by the International Youth Diplomacy League with the support of the Presidential Administration, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Finance the Russian Federation. Participants in the national competition applied for the role of president, sherpa and specialized ministers, and then the jury evaluated the competitors on the level of language skills, knowledge of the international agenda, professional experience.

13 delegates had been selected at the end of the contest and the youth government went to represent Russia consisting of: Inal Ardzinba (President), Artem Alsufev (Sherpa), Ilya Kiselev (Minister of Economy, Vladislav Lobanov (Minister of Development); Roman Chukov (Minister of Foreign Affairs); Alfia Akramova (Minister of Justice); Engel Saifutdinov (Minister of Defense), Kristina Aseeva (Minister of Environment), Olga Peshekhonova (Minister of Finance), Irina Ozolina (journalist), Ludmila Nikanorova (Sous-Sherpa) Natalia Borisova (Sous-Sherpa), Elena Gaevets (Sous-Sherpa).

3–9 June within the Summit in Washington there were talks on issues of energy security, environmental protection, renewable energy, food crisis, entrepreneurship, strengthening the financial system, the solution of ethnic conflicts. Informal lunches with representatives of the U.S. diplomatic corps and discussions accompanied the talks.

The main objective of the Youth Summit, as well as of the real one, is negotiations after which the Heads of State sign the Final Communiqué and send it to the real states leaders. A day before signing the Communiqué every committee (within which the negotiations were held) should manage to add the ideas important and crucial for their country.

The final communiqué had fully reflected the interests of Russia on a wide range of issues: the representation of developing countries in international institutions, the future of the G20, and the concept of sustainable development. At the same time the final document took into account the privileged interests of Russia in the Arctic region, pointed out equal access to human rights and democratic institutions, even in partially recognized or unrecognized countries. The Final document also included the paragraphs on recognition of diplomas by all the G20 countries, acceptation of the review of decision on phases 3 and 4 on missile defense, the issues of food security, cyber-crime, reforming the financial institutions. However, the most important thing was youth co-operation with the countries of BRICS. The delegates signed the final communiqué of the BRICS under the Youth Summit. The first Youth Summit «BRICS» will be held the next year in South Africa.

For the first time a committee of journalist was formed, 12 journalists covered the major events of the Summit.

The delegates didn’t forget the basics of diplomatic protocol and diplomatic etiquette when deciding foreign policy objectives, even during lunch. Young people worked on the decision-making not only at the negotiating table, but at the self-organized informal meeting of delegates as well.

The Summit ended and its results were announced at the gala dinner in the Palace of the Organization of American States. New delegates will seat at the negotiation table in 2013 in Russia.

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