Russian delegations for participations in G8 & G20 Youth Summits in Canada are formed

Russia has completed the recruitment of delegations that will participate in the youth summits; «G-20Y Summit» and «G8 Youth Summit», which will be held in Canadian cities, Toronto and Vancouver, 14–18 April and 9–14 May 2010, respectively.

Strategic Briefing Visit of the Leaders of the Future of Italy

The International Youth Diplomacy League together with the European House Ambrosetti (Italy) organized the «Strategic visit of Italian future leaders to Russia». The young businessmen delegation consisting of top managers and leading business owners, visited Moscow and St. Petersburg.

A meeting of the Working Group of the G8 Youth Summit on the issue of the "Global Infrastructure Innovation» will take place in Novosibirsk

Working group meeting of the G8 Youth Summit on «Global Infrastructure Innovation» will be held in Novosibirsk 9- 13 September 2009 with the support of the Administration of Novosibirsk region during the International Youth Innovation Forum «Interra 2009».

Ksenia Khoruzhnikova participated in the International Youth Economic Forum

The organizers of the International Youth Economic Forum have invited Ksenia Khoruzhnikova, Chair of the International Youth Diplomacy League, to participate as an expert at roundtable on the results of the G20 Summit.

G8 Youth Summit took plaсe in Milan, 15-21 March 2009 . The G8 Youth  Communiqué was signed

G8 Youth Summit took plaсe in Milan, 15–21 March 2009. The G8 Youth Communiqué was signed. Delegations of youth leaders of G8 and observer countries met on the Summit. 

Before the G20 Summit in London, the Youth G8 was assembled in Paris its own Youth G20

It was the first time when the «G20 Summit» was held at the level of Heads of the States. And it took place November 15, 2008 in Washington. The declaration of the Summit «G20» about the financial markets and the global economic was adopted and it was decided to hold the London Summit of «G20», 1–2 April, 2009.

Great Winter Ball «Silver Angel»

In November 2008 the International Youth Diplomacy League and international cultural foundation «MASTER CLASS» revived a brilliant tradition and organized Great Winter Ball «Silver Angel» for their friends and partners. 

International Festival of Arts «Master Class»

International Festival «Master Class» is one of the highlights of the cultural life of Saint-Petersburg. For two weeks the people of creative professions and interests of created works in different genres and categories: architecture, painting, drawing, sculpture, arts and crafts, photography, music, theatre, film, fashion, museum, restoration, design, computer graphics, advertising, journalism, dance. 

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