G20 Youth Forum 2014 in Germany

International youth diplomacy league co-organized the G20 YOUTH FORUM 2014 International

Youth Diplomacy League co-organized the G20 Youth Forum 2014 in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany, May 7-11, 2014

G20 Youth Forum 2014 was the largest international event organized for young leaders in 2014, and over 1200 young leaders, students and academics, young members of parliaments, representatives of the business world and governments participated in it. The unique concept of the event was created by Ksenia Khoruzhnikova, G8 & G20 Alumni Association Founder and President, President of the International Youth Diplomacy League back in 2005. In 2014 it has been the 9th edition of the event.

The G20 Youth Forum 2014 had 4 main platforms:

I. G20 Youth Summit participants were eminent students and young experts in the field of international relations, economics, finance and law who were nominated by the presidents of their universities and institutions to become young head of state or ministers in the national youth delegations to the G20 Youth Summit.

Five G20 Youth Summit Committees were working in parallel:

· Committee 1: Entrepreneurial Climate for Youth
· Committee 2: Family and Career Opportunities for Young People
· Committee 3: Accessibility of Education and Human Rights
· Committee 4: Food Security and Resources of the Future
· Committee 5: Tax System and Living Conditions for Youth

The result of a 3-day G20 Youth Summit was the final Communiqué (recommendations) discussed and approved by the participants.

II. Conference was an international academic event for representatives from the 60 best Universities in the world who are experts in international relations, economics, finance and law.

Eight round tables with presentations by academics and students followed by discussions were working in parallel:

· Economics and Finance
· Law and Human Rights
· World Politics and International relations
· Social Affairs and Medicine
· Ecology, Environment and Energy
· Design, Technology and Innovations
· Education and Youth
· Humanities: history, philosophy, linguistics, arts and journalism. The articles submitted for the Conference were published articles in the Conference Proceedings.

III. International Young Parliamentarians' Debate was a meeting of international young parliamentarians from all the G20 countries, who are under 45 years of age, with the purpose of exchanging ideas and experience in all the aspects of creating and implementing legislation.

As a result of the discussions, the Joint Statement has been issued.

VI. Joint Sessions is a number of meetings of the participants of the G20 Youth Summit, Conference and International Young Parliamentarians’ Debate.

The main purposes of Joint Sessions are:

· To reunite the participants of three main platforms of the G20 Youth Forum for further professional development and realization of joint projects;
· To continue the integration of the participants of different levels into the common global community with the aim of helping to solve the current world issues.

Within three round tables participants can share their particular professional and academic experiences:

1. Perspectives and Problems of Youth Entrepreneurship
2. Innovations for Sustainable Development
3. Global Migration Issues: cultural dimension, working places and globalization

The result of Joint Sessions discussion was Joint Sessions reports.

The outcomes of each platform were united in The Final Result documents of the G20 Youth Forum. The Final Results are being disseminated throughout the world and shared, in particular, with the G20 Heads of States and leading international organizations such as IMF, World Bank, OECD, European Commission and United Nations Organization.

On 8 May G20 Youth Forum 2014 participants came together for the Opening Ceremony which also was broadcast live through the official web-site. The Internet users could follow up the discussion and ask their questions to panel in the online mode. The Opening Ceremony panelists inspired participants with their fascinating stories about how they brought their ideas to life and prove that anyone can make the world a better place. The stories on the topic «Becoming the change you want to see» were overwhelming:

Global Impact in Ecology (13 billion trees planted, 27000 ambassadors, 10000 media coverage worldwide)

Impact in Technology (unique technologies shaping the Boeing innovations development) Impact in Social Integration (refugees from Congo, Ruanda, Ghana, Colombia, Ecuador as well as Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri-Lanka in the leadership of Canadian development)

Impact in Education (Australian students tackle the problem of unemployment)

Impact in Charity (retrieve children from the Syrian Civil War disaster) Impact in Environment protection (Young Chinese lady defended the nature against offensive civilization)

Impact in the development of the responsible executive generation (G-20Y Summit gathering 100 c-level executives from the international leading companies)

The 7 panelists in this year’s plenary session represent the broad range of interests and exemplifies the kind of vision as well as the professionalism, the commitment and skills necessary to improve our world.

After the official events participants concentrated directly at the working day which was started with the first ever Joint Sessions platform of the G20 Youth Summit, Conference and International Young Parliamentarians’ Debate participants. The Sessions marked the first time that such a broad and variegated audience gathered together to discuss global agenda.

In order to inspire the G20 Youth Forum participants on the mutual work G8 & G20 Alumni Association prepared an interesting and creative atmosphere of the evening activities: G20 Youth Forum Opening Gala Dinner and Classical Concert and Bavarian concert and Closing Gala Dinner. Culture and art are a significant part of every country, and annually G8 & G20 Alumni Association makes participants acquainted with host country`s culture. The atmosphere of friendship and lightness helped participant to get to know each other better and to become ready for further engrossing work.

The G8 & G20 Alumni Association is a Swiss-based association which reunites the alumni of the G8 & G20 Youth Summits' as well as independent experts in areas relevant to G8 & G20. The Headquarter of the G8 & G20 Alumni Association is based in Geneva, Switzerland.



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