Presentation of the G8 Youth Summit in the MIRAX Group Company (Moscow, Federation Tower)

On March 24, 2008 the League presented the results of G8 Youth Summit in the Mirax Group Comany (Moscow, Federation Tower).

MIRAX GROUP was the primary sponsor and represented the business community in Russia. More than that, young professional of the Corporation, Arman Saakyan, Assistant Coordinator of the Chairman of the Board of the Mirax Group directors, participated in the project as an adviser to the Russian President. Mr. Saakyan handed to the rector of the University the «Federation» crystal tower at the opening ceremony in recognition of significant contribution of the Keio University to the organization of the Summit.

«The technologies are developing very rapidly and the what seemed fantastic to us yesterday, the surrounding reality — today»- Arman Saakyan said, welcoming people in the Keio University. «It is important for the public to bring to notice the issues of the nearest future. In addition, we would like the students and the youth of the Group of Eight to offer the innovative solutions for the existing problems in the world.»

The great opportunity for the MIRAX GROUP is the opportunity to invest in the development of the youth — people, who will shape the future policies of their states, as was noticed during the presentation of the project results.

Ksenia Khoruzhnikova, the director of the International Diplomacy League, thanked the MIRAX GROUP Corporation for investing in the project, she said that just because of such corporations we could rely on the progressive development of our country and the mutually beneficial cooperation with other countries. Kseniia Khoruzhnikova voiced a hope for the further fruitful cooperation between the League and the Corporation, while she was thanking the Chairman of the Board of the MIRAX GROUP — Sergey Polonskiy and the Deputy Chairman of the Board. She also presented the certificate of the participation to the Arman Saakyan.

MIRAX Group Experience allows that the development of the company in a global in a short time is the problem, which we can solve. Mr. Saakyan noticed at the presentation that the geographic and economic barriers in the international markets disappear. To achieve the most ambitious targets we need only competent ideas and the resources are needed for their implementation. But the main thing is the vision of what will happen in the world in term of several years.

In many respects this purpose as well as the establishing of the strong friendships and business contacts among future leaders and leading politics, economists, diplomats, serves the G8 Youth Summit, which is annually held by the International Youth Diplomacy League.



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