Meeting of the Working Group on the preparation of the Programme of joint projects of Russia and the EU in Moscow

25-26 November 2007 at the initiative of the International Youth Diplomacy League a working meeting of the Young Leaders Summit of the EU — Russia (St. Petersburg, April 2007) was held in Moscow.

The meeting was attended by representatives of the Foundation for Democracy, the Russian Agrarian Movement of the Krasnodar Territory, «Giovani del PPE in Italia» (Young Leaders of the European People's Party, Italy), the Foundation for Social Development and Health «Focus Media», Mari Republican youth public organization «Reliance» (Republic of Mari El), the Association of Economists in Germany and Russia (dialog e. V.) (Germany, Russia), the Regional Public Organization «Nizhny Novgorod Volunteer service» (Russia), the International Youth diplomacy League (Russia).

The parties discussed results of the work to promote the Program 2008–2011 (program of joint projects of non-profit organizations of Russia and the EU, created during the Summit of Young Leaders of Russia and the EU to implement the «Road map» for the common space science and education, including cultural aspects between Russia and EU).

During the discussions, a number of changes and additions to the Program 2008–2011, which do not affect, however, the core of the projects, only correcting the form were accepted. Minutes of the meeting was sent to all participants of the Program.

In general, the meeting helped to accelerate the process of working on the promotion the Program 2008–2011, allowed participants of bilateral and multilateral projects to clarify the details of project activities, to finalize the budget and think about new and exciting collaborative projects.



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