The League co-organized round table «The role of socially responsible business in the formation of the new generation of young people»

November 20, 2007 the International Youth Diplomacy League took part in round table «The role of socially responsible business in the formation of the new generation of young people». The meeting was held under the project «THE FUTURE IS IN YOUR HANDS. The partnership of business and nonprofit organizations for the involvement youth in social and economic life, «conducted by the International Business Leaders Forum (IBLF), the All-Russian public organization» Business Russia «and the Center for NGO Development.

The meeting was attended by representatives of the Public Council for Small Business under the Governor of St. Petersburg, business («Business Russia»), social organization (Center for nonprofit organizations, youth organization AESEC, the International Youth Diplomacy League), press («Business Journal»), as well as representatives of the private pension fund and the Academy of Management and Economics.

Participants were familiarized with the essence of the program, the basic idea of which is to establish a partnership approach, based on regional alliances between local businesses and nonprofit organizations (NPOs) for effective youth involvement in social and economic life.

During the meeting they touched upon the most important issues facing young people in the transition from school to work: not a full understanding of career development opportunities, lack of knowledge about the labor market in general and the mechanisms of entrepreneurship, lack of information about the nonprofit sector and its opportunities. These problems are mainly delivered by representatives of NGOs, but they were previously known to the gathered businessmen. Many of them have already taken steps toward cooperation with NGOs, held out a helping hand to those in need and interested in helping. For example, a large company supports the so-called alternative youth — creative young people who find it difficult to settle in a competitive labor market. Another organization helps in professional orientation of children from Kolpino colony. Vocational guidance — this is a problem even in the wealthier students. Lack of sufficient information about the profession for students, skills and practices of the students, a clear consolidation of the equal rights of graduates in jobs are a number of pressing issues to be discussed at the roundtable.

In addition, most participants of the forum make efforts to awaken young people encouraging them to adapt to the rigors of the modern world. There was even a proposal to introduce «The Art of Living or how to settle in life» subject in schools. The «Business Journal» gives chance to develop skills too. It serves as a link between young people which are interested in business projects, and representatives of commercial firms. Editors jointly with the firm produce case; a kind of job offers to solve it for young guys. Winners receive prizes, and possibly internships in the company, part of the job.

The League presented two of its projects to the audience: «The United Nations Model» and in association with Japan, the G8 Youth Summit emphasizing the involvement of Russian youth in international processes, familiarity with the work international agencies, the development of tolerance relations.

So, according to the results of the meetings the problems were defined and the agreement was reached on joint solving the tasks.



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